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Welcome to Down the Heart, a website about educating future parents of unborn children with Down syndrome so they may think twice before choosing to not give them a chance by killing them through abor

Anyway, as you may know me now I am a cute wonderful little 3 years old girls who happened to be born with this condition. My name is Lulea. In the previous article, I was just thinking aloud....anyway, all of this just was to say, HAPPY DAY to the most important people in the world: MOTHERS!!!
Thank you Mom for not killing me, I love you so much and I know you do to. I was worth a try, wasn´t I?

Hello everyone, I am Lulea and I´d like to share my thoughts with you all:

Medical specialists worry that in the worst-case scenario, inaccurate test results could contribute to the abortion of healthy babies. As any expectant mother in the U.S. knows, after a certain age, when one's risk is higher for having a baby with Down syndrome, a woman is pushed hard to have invasive testing for the genetic mutation. But the invasive tests, such as amniocentesis, carry a risk of causing a miscarriage, so the hunt has long been on to find a highly accurate test that itself does not pose a risk. First I want to say that noone should have the right of death and life, the right to terminate a pregnancy involving a disabled child. None of us knows what life will bring. One can abort a baby with Down syndrome but then later have a healthy one who dies a few years later of a rare cáncer (as a friend at GHS). One can stack the odds in all the right ways, yet find out later that that healthy child has a mental illness. Or one can raise children with a loved husband one day and literally find oneself raising a family of young children alone the next day. Tomorrow I can become physically and mentally disable and I will need all the help and support in my new life.
Life is full of uncertainty, and to think we can change that is pure foolishness. To think we benefit by changing it if in the process we extinguish innocent human life itself is much worse.
The "worst-case" scenario is aborting a healthy baby? So then, aborting a targeted baby with Down syndrome is ... what? A good return on the investment?
Someday, unless carried off by a quick death, every one of us will, because of illness, age or injury, experience some level of diminishment, physically and/or mentally. Perhaps severely so. Does that make us less deserving of life?
Developing the best noninvasive prenatal testing for Down syndrome (and other such conditions) is a new Holy Grail in certain circles. And as someone said in a company that produces such technology, "The field has taken a giant leap forward."
If that sentiment is widely shared, then I think the rest of us have taken a giant leap backward.

Lulea, 2
Lulea, 2

Here is our little 3 years old girl Lulea, born April 29th, 2010 in Vina del Mar, Chile.

We love you so much !

Cuando estamos embarazadas asegurarnos de que el bebé “no sea down” parece ser lo más importante, sin caer en la cuenta de que en realidad hay problemas muchísimo más graves por los que deberíamos preocuparnos.
Cuando una pareja se entera de que su bebé tiene el síndrome se les viene el mundo abajo, es lógico. Pero al ver la carita del bebé olvidan el mal trago y coinciden en que sus bebés son lo más maravilloso que les ha podido suceder.


When we are pregnant, checking that the baby will not have Down syndrome seems the most important, without realizing that there could be problems way more complicated that we should worry about.

When a couple learns that their baby has the syndrome, the sky falls, of course. But when they see their baby's little face, they forget everything and are certain that this is the most beautiful thing that could have ever happen to them.


Quand nous sommes enceinte s´assurer que le bebe ne sera pas trisomique semble la chose la plus importante, sans vraiment prendre en compte qu´il pourrait surgir des problemes bien plus graves.

Quant un couple apprend que leur bebe est trisomique, le ciel leur tombe sur la tete, logique. Cependant, voir la jolie petite frimousse de leur nouveau ne leur fait tout oublier et leur bebe devient alors la chose la plus merveilleuse qu´il pouvait leur arriver.

Never forget: MARCH 21st

What kind of parents would decide to kill such a cute baby ?

North Dakota enacted a law banning sex-selective and disability-selective abortion, including abortions because of a prenatal test result for Down syndrome. For more specific information, read the link and let us know what you think!


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